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The making of a ‘Champion Gladiator’

I first met Jordan a few years ago at the Dojo, {Therien Jiujitsu & Kickboxing}. I believe he was teaching one ofView full post »

Featured on ‘Elite Bridal Registry’

I have an exciting little share.  I was recently interviewed by Karolina at ‘Elite Bridal Registry’ and sheView full post »

Winter Wedding at the AZURIDGE ~ the details

As we say ‘Hello to Spring’ {where are you by the way?} and ‘Goodbye to Winter’, I wanted toView full post »

Celebrating Valentines ~ FREE Engagement Session

Our Studio is Celebrating this ‘Month of Love’ by offering ALL our couples who simply book their View full post »

Winter Engagement Session ~ Rural Ottawa

Sneak peek for this beautiful couple who braved this UBER cold winter we are currently enjoying.  Despite the cold thisView full post »

Wedding Photography – As We Welcome in the New Year

As we say Hello to the New Year, ONE of my resolutions this year is to BLOG more… share more creative imaging, and notView full post »

Happy New Year

You don’t make a photograph with just a camera… YOU bring to is the ACT of PHOTOGRAPHY All the picturesView full post »

2014 Christmas Card ~ Sample Designs

I am so excited to share an assortment of ‘2014 Christmas Card Design Samples’ A Fabulous way to share yourView full post »

Sunset, Photography and Wall Art

Wall ART and Photography ~ Is something that as a photographer you would hope for your jpgs to grow up to be.  BUTView full post »

Fall Moments, Captured

Without further Adieu ~ the details for our FALL mini(s) 4 Great locations | 4 Dates ~ ALL Saturday’s, Sunday isView full post »

Spring Wedding at ‘Strathmere’

Spring ~ we waited so long this year for blossoms and green to photograph, now is seems we have leaped frogged intoView full post »

Cuties on White ~ Spring Studio Sessions

Spring is here BUT not totally ready for shooting outside.  Emily and Bryn joined me in the studio a week or so ago forView full post »