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2014 Christmas Card ~ Sample Designs

I am so excited to share an assortment of ’2014 Christmas Card Design Samples’ A Fabulous way to share yourView full post »

Sunset, Photography and Wall Art

Wall ART and Photography ~ Is something that as a photographer you would hope for your jpgs to grow up to be.  BUTView full post »

Fall Moments, Captured

Without further Adieu ~ the details for our FALL mini(s) 4 Great locations | 4 Dates ~ ALL Saturday’s, Sunday isView full post »

Spring Wedding at ‘Strathmere’

Spring ~ we waited so long this year for blossoms and green to photograph, now is seems we have leaped frogged intoView full post »

Cuties on White ~

Spring is here BUT not totally ready for shooting outside.  Emily and Bryn joined me in the studio a week or so ago forView full post »

Design Samples ~ Annemarie Grudën | PHOTOGRAPHY & DESIGN

As much as I love my job a a professional photographer, Graphic Design is something that is equally near and dear to myView full post »

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