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the ‘Corporate Portrait’

Having a great corporate portrait these days is of the utmost importance.  Our online presence is often time the first impression made to potential clients.  So not only do we have to have great work out there you need to think about how to show the best side of YOU!

FIRST STEP is have a professional photo taken!  Once you’ve made this decision, think about how you would like to look ~ is it an editorial day in the life, the classic backdrop, lighting, natural lights or a studio setting?  Your photographer can help out with all of those questions & decisions.

NEXT big step to capturing the essence of you is with ‘Wardrobe and Styling’.  Make wardrobe changes during your photo shoot. Bring more wardrobe and props to a session than you think you would possibly need.  Jackets, shoes, shirts, blouses, jewelry etc…..  The more you have to capture your personality the better. Your stylist and photographer will help make the best choices with the wardrobe that will show off all your persona’s.  Whenever I have a corporate session my end goal is for my clients to walk away with a handful of great images that have successfully captured many different looks.

One last thing that makes a HUGE difference in a great session is hiring a stylist.  A ‘Stylist’ for girls ~  fresh professional look at ‘Hair&Makeup’. For Men ~ we like to call it ‘Man Grooming’  polishing the glasses, refining the look of the hair, taking the glow off the forehead etc… For the Photographer ~ they bring a second set of eyes on set… paying attention to wardrobe and styling.  Often times my stylists create about 3 to 4 totally different looks with Hair&Makeup throughout a session, for both the boys and girls.  The end result ~ MANY image choices.

Here are a few samples of a few recent SOLO sessions with great finishing’s…

Susanne, with CWCP an Ottawa Law firm:

Alain, with CASEware:

Randi, with the Government currently working in Norway:

Hope you enjoyed the images!


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