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What to look for in a WEDDING photographer?

The TOP questions you should be asking your photographers…

You’ve put so much time and effort into planning your wedding you want to make the best choice possible, especially when it involves the one thing that will stand the test of time, your photographs!!! But how do you know which photographer is right for you? Time to do your homework.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 things important to us that can really make or break a successful wedding day. Below are questions, with explanations hopefully this helps make a better decision on your capturing and preserving your memories.

1. WILL YOU BE PHOTOGRAPHING OUR WEDDING? ~ Some studios employ multiple photographers. It is key for you to
meet with the person who will be covering your wedding, and see their work. Personality is the most important thing you
should consider when choosing a photographer, if your not comfortable with them, Your photos may suffer.

2. WHAT WILL YOU WEAR ON MY WEDDING DAY? ~ You don’t want your photographer to embarrass you on your
wedding day by showing up in jeans and a t-shirt. Unfortunately, there are a number of “photographers” who feel that jeans
and t-shirts are acceptable for weddings. We stick to a corporate professional all black dress code, this allows us to keep
professional, the mobility to capture your images while blending in with the crowd.

3. DO YOU HAVE BACKUP EQUIPMENT? ~ Cameras are mechanical devices, just like your cell phone and DVD player.
They can fail at any moment and without warning. It is essential that your photographer has a full set of backup cameras,
lenses and flashes. We always come with extra’s of everything from batteries to camera bodies.

4. CAN WE SEE A COMPLETE WEDDING? ~ With the digital age upon us, anybody can get a few great images per
thousand. As photographers, we do show our best work on our websites. However we have many finished wedding
album{s} to show. This allows you to imagine the quality and quantity of images in your own album.

5. WHAT PRODUCTS DO YOU OFFER? ~ Your photographic prints should only be part of your package. There are a
number of great album styles available, as well as canvases, thank you cards, save the date cards, etc. Make sure the
photographer can provide everything you are looking for. ALL our products are custom designs and hand built for
quality and unique one of a kind products. Just like our clients.

6. IF MY WEDDING GOES LONGER THAN EXPECTED, WILL YOU STAY LONGER? ~ This is a good question to ask, as
sometimes due to reasons out of your control, your wedding may be delayed slightly. Ask if they are willing to stay overtime
to ensure you get the amount of coverage you envisioned. We never leave before your image wishlist is captured.

7. DO YOU WORK WITH AN ASSISTANT? ~ Weddings are a very fast paced for photographers. Having an assistant to hold
lights & reflectors, as well as set up equipment is essential so that the photographer can work quickly and not miss any
special moments. We work with Assistants that double as second shooters so we never miss a moment.

8. WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU ARE SICK ON MY WEDDING DAY? ~ Even wedding photographers are human and can get
ill. Most are willing to work through minor colds & Illness. However if something major happens, we have a network of
experienced photographers we can call on at a moment’s notice to fill in.

9. DO YOU BACK UP OUR PHOTOS? IF SO, WHEN? ~ Professional digital memory is extremely reliable, however there
is still a possibility that it can fail. To avoid this, we use smaller memory cards rather than one large memory card. To avoid
any problems after the wedding, we create 3 copies of every image.

10. DO YOU GET ALONG WITH YOUR PHOTOGRAPHER? ~ This question is for you. As we mentioned in question #1,
personality should be a major consideration when it comes to choosing your photographer. If you get along and click with
them, they will be happy to be at your wedding. The less photographing feels like work, the more relaxed you feel and fun
you have on wedding day. The better the relationship the better the images.

WE HOPE THESE QUESTIONS ~ Help you with your search for Your wedding photographer. You are more than welcome to
share these questions with any of your friends & Family who are also planning their perfect wedding. If you’re interested in
hearing more about our weddings, feel free to reach out!!! We would love to hear from you.

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