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Planning for Spring Blossom Photos

With it being the first few days of spring, some might ask where spring really is with snow and cold temps lingering… the warmer temps are not to far away, we promise  😉

With warmer temperatures around the corner let’s envision budding trees, lush green grass, birds singing, fresh smells of spring AND blossoming trees!!! Blossoms are not only gorgeous in photographs but they also let you know spring is finally here. I don’t know about you but they make me want to dance like a giggling little kid.

Blossoming trees make for a stunning photographic backdrop for a variety of photos: family, children, maternity, lifestyle headshots, fitness, engagement photos, the list goes on. We’ve included a few images in this blog post from some of our favourite locations to take advantage of quickly fleeting, pretty pink buds.

The blossoms usually only last for a few short weeks in May so it’s important to plan ahead if you’ve had your heart set on having some photos taken amongst them. I know it’s not fair months and months of winter and a mere two weeks with beautiful blossoms.  The best blossoms are usually out the second and third week of the month.  Then a wind storm comes along and takes them all away.  Which is why we wanted to start talking about them now so we can PLAN for their arrival and execution of amazing photo sessions.

A couple of favourite locations to capture the blossoms in Ottawa are: the Experimental Farm, Dows Lake and this sneaky location around the Parkway by Lincoln Fields Mall.

SO with all this chat about blossoms and spring reach out to book a session, we’d love to capture spring memories with you.


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