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What to Wear for Spring and Summer Photos

The number of times I hear what should I wear???  Being photographed is stressful enough without trying to figure out the perfect outfit. My goal during a session is to make you feel as comfortable as possible and capture the best side of you with personalities shining brightly. While you want to be put together, you also don’t want you to dress in something that isn’t you.  I often suggest, your best going out to dinner clothes, or some refer to them as your Sunday best.  You want to be put together but not too over the top unless of course you want something a little more formal.

With spring and summer weather, comes warmer temperatures and less layers to go outside, woohoo. I don’t know about you but getting to wear cute shoes, painted toes and a fun outfits really makes me feel good! I want you to feel good about yourself, so wear clothes that reflect that feeling. Nicer clothing also has a habit of making you stand a little taller, prouder and overall feel good about yourself.  So pull out some fun clothes that you know you love to wear together OR simply go shopping.  YES ladies here is your excuse to go shopping.

Rules of thumb to stick to when looking for outfits:  oversized, too small, wild and crazy patterns ALL have the potential to make you look larger than you are.  Find something that fits ‘JUST RIGHT’ Not to snug, a little tailored to show off your shape. When in doubt bring an option or two I’m always happy to help you choose.

CLOTHING: you don’t need to all match. Each child and person has their own style so let it shine through. I do suggest pick a colour palette and overall style that works for everyone. An example of a colour palette: Khaki / White and Navy. Everyone would coordinate but isn’t necessarily matchy matchy.  That went out in the 80’s with the white t’shirts and blue jeans.  Articles of clothing to consider for the ladies, girls included:  Skirts, dresses, leggings, layered t-shirts, little sweaters and jackets to top it all off,  don’t be afraid of a few layers.  For the men and boys: Jeans, khaki’s button up shirts, layered shirts with t-shirts etc…

PROPS: Don’t forget a few props sunglasses, hats, umbrellas, jackets, blazers, bubbles for kids or the kid at heart in all of us, a picnic blanket and or basket.  The possibilities are really endless.  Bring a few things that reflect you as a couple, family whatever the scenario to help bring out a few real life giggles and heartfelt moments during your session.

The best part of ALL this wardrobe advice – it works for any number of sessions; Family, children, Maternity, Engagement etc… So have fun shopping and or pulling things from your wardrobe.



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