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HOW TO PLAN – A Stunning Fall Photo Shoot

While many of us might think of summer as the best season for a photo shoot, Fall is a magical time of year to catch images of our loved ones. With cooler temperatures, everyone can be outside for longer, opening up locations you might avoid in the height of summer. Infants and seniors in particular will appreciate the milder climate. There is also fantastic light in the Fall, each time of day offering up a different feel. And let’s not forget the impressive array of colours which Nature puts on display at this time of year. Read on for our tips on planning your best Fall photo shoot yet!

Make it a gift

With Christmas around the corner, consider clubbing together with siblings or other members of your family to offer an annual keepsake to someone special in your family. Grandparents always cherish photographs of the whole family, and it can be fun to schedule a photo shoot once a year so you can track changes over time.

You don’t need the excuse of Christmas, though. A wedding anniversary or a milestone birthday is also a great time to offer the gift of a photo session.


FALL photo sessions


Family – large or small

Once everyone is back from summer vacation, the Fall can be a much easier time to get the whole family together for a reunion and photo shoot. You can have fun getting some authentic action shots around an extravagant meal. And you get two for one: a family get together and a memento!

But you don’t have to gather the extended family together. Maybe you’ve had enough of all the relatives at the cottage! Instead, invest in some intimate shots of your nuclear family. Again, arranging a photo shoot once a year is a wonderful way to chart your kids’ progress and you’ll have memories for life.


FALL photo sessions



One of the joys of a Fall photo shoot is planning the wardrobe. Children look cute in all their brand-new back-to-school gear. And the fact they’re excited to wear it makes it a lot easier to persuade them to smile for the camera!

Fall trends bring with them a whole stash of shades we’ve largely ignored for a season: reds, yellows, purples, greens. All of which tone beautifully with the shades of the leaves at this time of year. You can also have fun adding layers in the Fall, making it easy to achieve several looks in one photo shoot.


FALL photo sessions



When it comes to choosing a location, think about the look you’re aiming for: rustic, architectural, natural, floral, vintage or modern. Ottawa offers some incredible spots for Fall photos, whether you want to catch the colours of the leaves or not. Click here for a list of some of my favourite Fall locations. Wherever you settle on, be sure to come to your photo shoot prepared for the weather. Pack umbrellas and layers, maybe a pair of rubber boots for the kids in case they want to splash about after the session. Children seem to be magnets for puddles!


FALL photo sessions


Every season offers something special when it comes to capturing pictures, but I’m hoping these tips help you make the most of this season. Check back for tips on Christmas-styled photo shoots.

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